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New Herbal DetoXsoak™ Service in this little trial kit.

“Total body health begins with the feet”

A stand-alone service featuring a 15 minute DetoXsoak™ of feet in warm water, followed by a DetoxXsoak™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress, and refresh. This service can be added to a pedicure service.

To watch the Cuccio Naturale™ DetoXsoak™ demonstrative video, please click here

This DetoXsoak™ case pack contains 

  • 1 packets of DetoXSoak (178g)
  • 1 DetoXSoak Somatology Massage Serum 1oz
  • Technique cards – including step by step for treatment and massage


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Salon Service Recommendation charge $20-40 per 30 minute add on service. 

This service can consist of a 15 minute DetoxSoak in a blend of herbal extracts and magnesium sulfate followed by a 15 minute calf and foot massage using an anti-oxidant massage serum.


Cuccio Naturalé’s DetoXSoak is a soothing and refreshing new stand alone or add-on foot soak service. The soak contains Citrus Aurantium Amara Peel to soothe and refresh skin as well as magnesium sulfate to naturally detox and cleanse the feet. Simply add a DetoXSoak Magnesium Sulfate packet and tablet to a warm water foot bath and allow the client to soak for 15 minutes to help soothe and de-stress.

1. Fill the foot bath with warm water in front of the client and add the DetoXSoak inner packet into the water.

2. Add the large DetoXSoak tablet to the water.

3. Place the feet in the herbal DetoXSoak treatment soak for 15 minutes. When finished with the soak, rinse off the legs and feet and towel dry.

4. Follow with DetoXSoak Somatology Massage Serum and technique. Begin with up and down movements along and around the calf area and down to the end of the foot.

5. Use circular movements with the thumbs on the heels, base of the toes, just below and above the balls of the feet, and the tips of the toes. Use longer up and down thumb and knuckle movements down the length of the sole, the balls of the feet, and the toes.

6. Gently push the toes in a downward motion to stretch the foot.

7. Continue with circular movements down to the heel area. Use a towel to gently pat off any excess serum and apply Butter Blend or Lytes Ultra Sheer Body Butter.


Developed by professionals, for professionals, Cuccio Naturale™ is sold only to professional spas and salons worldwide. Cuccio Naturale™ continues our company’s 30 year tradition of only offering clients the highest quality and most innovative spa products and services, guaranteed.

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    Cuccio Detoxsoak Kit
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