MINI Purple & Mint Sanding Bands 100ct


the PERFECT stainless steel mandrel now in a skinny! Great for getting into those tiny toes and fingers.

3.1mm size.

Special design for easy on and off… no more prying your bands off!

sanding bands won’t slip or skip.

ultra smooth, runs with no vibration  and  won’t bend

3/32″ shank will fit most al professional efiles

stainless steel…won’t rust

New Mini Mint Sanders to perfectly fit your mini mandrel bit


*Reusable plastic box with every order

*Made with aluminum oxide to run cooler and last longer than traditional sanding bands

*Eco-friendly! Made with non-toxic glues and raw materials from USA

*Made in 3 layers to feel slightly cushioned… so these will always run smooth, no uneven glue or seams.

*Center is made from cloth so they have a “stretchy” feel to them…and will fit your mandrels EVERY TIME!


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