Since 2004, Jessica Briarmoon (Hoel) has been educating and distributing Akzentz products in the United States. 

Her passion for gels has helped her create techniques that are easy for beginners and produce nails that are long lasting and keep clients loyal.  Signature services like her "30 day manicure," Rock Star toes and Glitter fade techniques excite nail techs passionate about making clients happy without taking hours during their appointments. 

As the only distributor in the US at the start, she spent years on the road teaching around the country before settling down and having her daughter Laurissa in 2007.  In the Seattle area, it can be tough to keep a salon location, and situations with salons changing and buildings being torn down has meant LuvNailz salon and store has moved multiple times and will be in its current location in Bothell, Washington until April when the village LuvNailz is located in is destroyed.  In 2019 the final move will take place to land Jess has purchased up near Monroe, Washington to prevent ever having to move again!

In 2016 Jess began competing after a career of admiring the skill of top competitors.  Both 2016 and 2017 she was able to maintain a position in the Nailpro Top 10 doing technical competitions and was Nailympia Div 2 Champion in 2016. Focusing on improving the perfect Pink and Whites, Jess has traveled as far as Poland to take classes from top competitors.  In 2018 she will attend classes in New York and Florida from world champions in her quest to create perfect nails.  She hasn't yet ventured in the art categories, but expects that day will come soon!


Passionate about sharing knowledge, Jess has worked with team of other volunteers to put on the NW Nailtech Retreat since 2011.  Taking the organizing of the event to a new level, in 2019 she will organize Nail Camp East just north of Atlanta in May and Nail Camp West in the Fall.  

Clients have always been an important part of Jess's career and she still takes on 30-45 hours of clients every week she isn't traveling to compete or teach.  Adopting the philosophy that educating nail techs in real world techniques is of vital importance, Jess created a YouTube Channel in 2016 to upload videos of Live, in salon nails.  Her clients enjoy learning the process of their nails being done.  Follow Jess's page on Facebook to join in the conversation as the videos go live.  

Messages and emails go directly to Jess, so feel free to contact her with any questions!

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