Let's Touch Hospital Grade Disinfectant

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My absolute favorite disinfectant!   This stuff will NEVER rust your implements.  Use with a completely submersible tray and let sit 10 minutes for a completely disinfected set of tools.   

Disinfect every surface in your spa or salon with Let’s Touch® no rust metal disinfectant. Designed for manicure supplies, this concentrated, all-purpose solution is guaranteed not to rust or dull quality metal implements, even when they’re soaked overnight! Suitable for nippers, pushers, shears, and other metal instruments that must be disinfected. EPA registered. 

Very concentrated so this will last quite awhile. 

- A Tuberculocidal hospital grade disinfectant solution.
- Guaranteed not to rust your metal implements like shears, razors, nippers and drill bits!
- For use on all metal instruments.

Mix 1 oz of concentrate per 32 oz of regular water, easy to do with the squeeze measuring cup!   This container makes 8 gallons.

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Let's Touch Hospital Grade Disinfectant
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