Natural Nail Strengthener
Readers Choice Award Winner! A cream conditioner to strengthen natural nails.  Excellent to rub into natural nails after product removal if they want to go natural.  Even better: retail this item to your clients who are removing their nails or...
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Hardner & Conditioner - Nail Magic .5fl oz
A unique blend of ingredients that assist in the repair of weak, thin or damaged nails by conditioning, hardening and strengthening the natural nail.    Product Benefits Weak Nails Thin Nails Splitting Nails Conditions, hardens & strengthens Base Coat, Top Coat...
$12.50 $9.99
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Strong - Nail Magic
A  nail strengthening formula containing the herb Horsetail, rich in the nutrient silica. Once applied to the nail the product adds instant strength with its toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP free lacquer base as well as the benefits of the natural...
$12.50 $8.95
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Matte - Nail Magic
Nail Magic MATTE Finish Top Coat is a break in the tradition of a glossy finish. It takes any color and turns it into a satin finish. Mattify your manicure Features & Benefits: Breaks the tradition of glossy finish and...
$8.50 $6.99
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