#229 Holy Night - Stamping Polish

Stamping Polish

Introducing Clear Jelly Stamper's stamping polish #229-S "Holy Night," a captivating nail stamping color that embodies the enchanting spirit of the holidays. This sheer yet alluring army green hue is designed to infuse your manicure with a touch of festive charm, perfect for creating stunning nail art inspired by the classic allure of festive plaid.

With its sheer formulation, this stamping polish offers versatility, allowing for subtle nuances or bold statements in your nail designs. "Holy Night" serves as an ideal base for intricate plaid patterns or as an accent color, adding depth and character to your nail art compositions.

Envelop your nails in the timeless elegance of holiday plaid with this sheer army green stamping polish. Let your creativity flourish as you craft captivating nail art that captures the essence of the season using Clear Jelly Stamper's #229-S "Holy Night." Embrace the festivities and adorn your nails with the enchanting hues of the holidays.

Generously pigmented stamping polish 

  • 5 ml (0.17 oz.) size
  • Brush applicator
  • "5 Free" ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free
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      #229 Holy Night - Stamping Polish
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