3d Gel Art Powder

Gel Play

Lets you get in touch with your artistic side. Simply mix your choice of Options UV/LED Colour Gel and Gel Art Powder to create any 3D design you desire.

Creates the perfect touch for any nail enhancement. Easily cured under UV or LED Lamps. Tips! - Use the #6 Gel Art brush for beautiful flowers! - Mix 2 parts gel powder and 1 part Options Gel Color - Adjust amount of powder; Want more texture? Just add more powder.

For rounder flowers, add a tiny bit more gel until you have the consistency you prefer. - Mix only what you need for that client. - Use a dappen dish with a small amount of gel cleanser, prep & wipe or alcohol to help clean your brush. - Sealing in your artwork is not necessary, but it is recommended to protect from dirt and grime. If you prefer a matte look, use Matte On.

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3d Gel Art Powder
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