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UberChic Beauty Soft Gel Nail Extension Tips are a part of our 3-step soak-off extension system that will give you perfectly shaped, strong, and long-lasting nail extensions in just minutes! Made with soft gel, our nail tips are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. When it's time to change up your nails, simply soak off with acetone and put on a fresh set Each nail tip is pre-molded into a smooth surface with a perfect C curve which means no major shaping or filing is necessary, making it a dust-free application process.

Benefits of using our Soak Off Gel Extensions:
- Pre-shaped tips add length easily and quickly
- Lower learning curve than traditional methods like acrylic or dip
- Flawless nail shape and smooth surface
- Less filing and less dust than means you can get to your nail art even faster!
- Feels and looks more natural
- Lasts 3-6 weeks when properly applied
- Helps give support to natural nail growth
- Easily soaked-off
- Tips are gradually thickened towards the tip and nice and thin near the cuticle - this lends itself to durability and even less filing and shaping!
- No smelly odor
- No damage to your natural nails

Shape: Almond
Length: Medium
Color: Clear
Sizes: 12
Pieces: 600

Best used with UberChic Beauty 3-Step Extension System


  1. Push back cuticle and prep the nail by gently buffing the nail surface. Make sure the nail surface is clean and oil-free.
  2. Brush a thin layer of UberChic Beauty pH-Balance Dehydrator to prime your natural nail, and let air dry for 10 seconds. 
  3. Apply a thin layer of UberChic Primer on the natural nail, and let air dry for 30 seconds. You can also apply a thin layer on the inner bottom side of the nail chip and let air dry. This optional step will help with a stronger bond of nail extension tips. 
  4. Apply a small amount of UberChic Beauty Nail Tip Press On Extend Gel on the bottom of the nail extension tip. Press the nail tip down firmly from the cuticle to the free edge to spread this gel evenly. Cure for 60 seconds under LED light while holding the nail tip firmly in place.
  5. (our free mobile app has how-to videos and more!)


  1. Cut down the excess gel tip as close to the nail as you can
  2. Remove top coat and gel polish color with an e-file
  3. Soak nails in Acetone (or wrap nails with cotton soaked in Acetone with foil)
  4. Use a cuticle stick or scraper tool to gently push the gel off the fingernail - do not use force (removing with force is when nail damage occurs)
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    600 Soft Gel Tips: Stiletto - Medium Clear Full Coverage Tips - Uber Chic Beauty
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