Build COLORS - MINI Collection - Studio 9 - Fawn, Devote, Porcelain


Mini Collection contains 3 mini bottles of 5ml for each color. 
The same enduring formula as the original Luxio Build now in a coverage formula.

Customize your coverage opacity with the swipe of a brush. This allows you the option of full coverage, sheer coverage and anywhere in
between. Add strength and length to both natural or artificial nails, with the ease you've come to
expect from Luxio.

Fawn is a pale tan or beige with a slight hint of pink. A soft and subtle color that can add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any
design or palette.
Devote is a delicate and subtle shade of pink that is transparent or translucent in appearance. It has a soft and gentle tone that is not overpowering, and it may appear almost dreamlike In nature.
Porcelain is a very light and delicate shade of white, with a translucent and almost ethereal
quality to it. Porcelain is a refined and understated colour that can create
a timeless and classic look.

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Build COLORS - MINI Collection - Studio 9 - Fawn, Devote, Porcelain
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