Celina Ryden - Crystal Application (CjSLC-98)- Clear Jelly Stamping Plate

Stamping Plate

The CjSLC-98, Celina Ryden - Crystal Application, steel nail art layered stamping plate is an absolute gem for nail artists seeking to elevate their nail designs with a touch of sparkle and sophistication. This 8x8 plate offers an array of crystal-themed design elements, including a variety of crystal shapes and sizes. This versatile plate unleashes your creativity with numerous design choices. Whether you're aiming for a glamorous and luxurious look or a subtle, tasteful accent, this stamping plate allows you to effortlessly incorporate crystals into your nail art. From the tiniest gemstones to larger, eye-catching crystals, you can mix and match to craft a dazzling and personalized nail design that suits your style and mood. The possibilities are endless with this meticulously designed stamping plate, making crystal application a breeze and offering countless options to make each manicure truly shine.

Comes with our brand new "Step by Step" guide!

BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

8 x 8 cm 


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Celina Ryden - Crystal Application (CjSLC-98)- Clear Jelly Stamping Plate
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