Coloring Book - Floral (CJS-332) - Clear Jelly Stamping Plate

Stamping Plate

The Clear Jelly Stamper's CjS-332 Coloring Book - Floral steel nail art layered stamping plate is a versatile and vibrant tool for nail art enthusiasts. This stamping plate boasts a collection of full-coverage floral designs, intricately layered to provide depth and detail to your nail creations. With its assortment of beautiful flowers, this plate allows for artistic expression through various techniques, including watercolor applications and shimmers. The primary colors incorporated in the designs make it easy to create stunning and lively manicures. Whether you're aiming for delicate petals or bold floral patterns, this stamping plate offers endless possibilities for charming and eye-catching nail art.

14 x 9 cm

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Coloring Book - Floral (CJS-332) - Clear Jelly Stamping Plate
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