So Matte, Glossy, Sticky Gels Bundle

Blue Amber
Top Coat

The Best of all Worlds Bundle includes:

  • So Glossy!!! - low viscosity shiny gel top for nail art. Create. No Wipe formula.   Advice👉🏼 Let the product cool down after curing for at least 60 seconds. During that time avoid touching the surface of the gel with fingers or appying oil or cream. This is to mantain the surface shiny. 

         Curing time: 60 sec LED, 120 sec UV

  • So Matte!!! - satin matte gel top, No Wipe formula           Intended to be used on GEL or ACRYLIC extensions. ( Not to be used on natural nails)  ADVICE👉🏼 cleanse the nail surface with alcohol every few days to restore matte look. Contact with oily substances makes the surface more shiny.   Curing time: 30 sec LED, 90 sec UV
  • So Sticky!!! - very sticky clear gel for transfer foil.  Curing time: 30 sec LED, 90 sec UV


Product Size: 15 ml each


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So Matte, Glossy, Sticky Gels Bundle
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