Ugly Duckling Art Gel - 5ml - BROWN


Unleash your inner artist with Ugly Duckling Art Gels!

  • Creamy, pigment rich formula
  • Great for precision line work
  • Cures with minimal inhibition layer
  • Easily custom mix shades with our Gel Polish

Our glitter Art Gels cure particularly quickly. It is very important not to expose them to light more than necessary.


Application Procedures
Over a finish filed nail, or over the inhibition laer of cured Gel Polish or Color Gel, begin to paint your design using one of our premium nail art brushes.
  1. Once you've completed your design, cure in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp for 60 seconds.
  2. Seal the nail(s) with your Ugly Duckling Top Coat of choice: Tacky Top, Matte or No Wipe and cure for 60 seconds in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp.


Q: How is Art Gel different from Gel Polish and Color Gel?
A: Excellent question! Art Gel is specifically formulated with nail art in mind. The extremely pigment rich formula makes it simple to create even the most delicate lines that still maintain an amazing color payoff. The great thing about our Art Gels, Gel Polishes and Color Gels is they can all be used for nail art and they all mix together beautifully to give you, the artist, unlimited color possibilities!
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Ugly Duckling Art Gel - 5ml - BROWN
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