Cuccio Lava Earth Pumice Stone

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Excellent for Retail to ALL your pedicure clients!   Smooths even the roughest skin on hands and feet. This stone is 100% sanitizable and can be immersed in any sanitizing liquid or solution.

Lifetime guarantee.


How To Use:
Use Earth Stone Lava Pumice to enhance your pedicure. Begin by gently rubbing on the heel and sides of the feet. For a more stimulating experience, use Cuccio's Mango Hand Peel Exfoliant or any effective scrub. For best results, rub entire foot area on both feet.

How To Clean:
Rinse the Earth Stone Lava Pumice under warm water to remove used product and dead skin. Clean with a manicure brush or immerse in any sanitizing solution. Earth Stone Lava Pumice can be used over and over again. 

Product Type: Pumice

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    Cuccio Lava Earth Pumice Stone
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