Staleks Pro EXCLUSIVE Disposable papmAm files for Straight EXCLUSIVE 20 Nail File

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Premium abrasive.   Slide on file refill.


papmAm replacement files are an innovative solution in the world of disposable manicure and pedicure tools. The tool was invented and patented by STALEKS.

In the Exclusive line, abrasives are special: Swiss quality and sky blue. Abrasive crumb does not crumble during operation and retains its properties longer. papmAm Exclusive replaceable files will help you quickly give your nails a neat shape and prevent delamination.


  • The highest quality
  • Premium abrasive with long lasting properties
  • tools with such a coating allow you to give your nails a perfect appearance
  • easily shape and smooth the nail plate
  • the result is achieved faster than on other classes of emery
  • provides comfort at work
  • craft eco friendly paper
  • easy attachment and removal of the file from the base
  • secure fixation
  • high quality abrasive
  • functionality at work
  • clean, no glue tool after work
  • for single use
  • 50 pieces per pack
  • made in the form: straight
  • 100 grit - to give length and shape
  • 150 grit - to give length and shape to artificial nails
  • 180 grit - for processing artificial and natural nails
  • 240 grit - for polishing and processing artificial and natural nails


  • Easy to put on and take off, leaves no adhesive residue.
  • Premium quality swiss abrasive.
  • Safe - the file will not cut the client, it is used once (a one-time tool as an indicator of a professional service).
  • Craft environmentally friendly base.
  • Stylish design.
  • Straight shaped abrasive, suitable for any straight files: wood, metal, acrylic.

Pack of 50 abrasives.

PapmAm Exclusive replacement files are available in 4 hardness options: 100,  180, 240 grit. This variety allows you to work with both natural and artificial nails.

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