MINI Celestial 2 Glitter Collection - Gel Play UV/LED

Gel Play

(Akzentz launch date October 1, 2021)

NEW Additions to the Celestial Glitter collection!

Three new dazzling additions to the gel play glitter collection. Taking their colours, and names from the twinkle and mystery of outer-space. Includes 1 each of the new collection colours; Gel Play Nebula, Gel Play Nova & Gel Play Astra

Mini Sets are 2g pots  



About Gel Play:

• 100%, non-drying gel formula 

• Super saturated, extreme pigmented colour gel

• Allows for unbelievable coverage without thickness.



Gel Play Paints – highly pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art. 

Gel Play Glitters – shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented glitters.

Gel Play Glitter shifters -  sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour.
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MINI Celestial 2 Glitter Collection - Gel Play UV/LED
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