MINI Modern Art Collection - Akzentz Luxio


The 2022 Modern Collection

  • Aloof
  • Chi Chi
  • Contempo
  • Juxtapose 
  • Modern
  • Timid
  • Taken from the walls of a modern art gallery!  Four cream shades inspired by the bold and optimistic colors found in modern works - balanced and grounded by two subdued neutrals that both flatter and provide juxtaposition.  

    Mini Sets are in each in 5ml Bottles

    Award Winning Gel Polish!  This incredible 100% pure colored gel is created by Akzentz amazing team of chemists to be completely solvent free, long lasting and easily applied!  This unique formula provides numerous benefits:

    • Easy Application - The product is not runny so it stays where you apply it.
    • Odor Free - Absolutely NO smell.  Does not smell like nail polish, since it is polish free.  
    • Flexibility and Strength - Typical gel polish made with polish in it will chip the longer the customer wears the product as it ages and the product gets harder.  Luxio does not age, allowing the customer weeks after weeks after weeks of flawless wear!
    • Applies beautifully in 1-2 coats - Some colors have such perfect high quality pigment, it can be applied perfectly and opaque with 1 coat.  The coverage is fantastic.
    • Does Not Wrinkle - Gel polish that is made with part polish must Dry AND Cure at the exact rate it is designed for.  If it does one faster than the other, you get wrinkling.  Luxio is 100% gel and will not dry, so it can be applied slightly thicker than most gel polishes allowing freedom for nail art and french with one coat of white.  
    • Does not get thick - Solvents dissipating out of the bottle of typical polish causes it to thicken over time.  With Luxio being solvent free, that will never happen!  You can use every drop of your Luxio.
    • Cures 30 seconds in LED lamps, 2 minutes in UV lamps.
    • Easy Soak off, 5 min per layer.
    • Shake occasionally, the highly pigmented colors can settle over time.
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    MINI Modern Art Collection - Akzentz Luxio
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