Moorish Motifs (Morocco and Spain) (CjS LC-26) - Clear Jelly Stamping Plate

Stamping Plate

The beautiful @natasha_dauncey has collaborated with us to create this BEAUTIFUL plate inspired by a love of everything Morocco & Spain!

A little bio from Natasha!


I've been crazy about nails ever since I can remember. It started years ago initially with just painting my own natural nails but later developed into a love of nail art. Nails are one of the first things I look at on a person so I've always tried to keep mine in good shape, both in terms of nail health and a finished nail art design. I'm rarely seen without nail polish on. I'm not a nail tech, I just taught myself after watching YouTube videos and experimenting on my nails. I came relatively late to the Instagram party as I started my nail account only a couple of years ago when I got into doing nail art myself. It didn't occur to me that other people might be interested in looking at my designs so I was amazed when I saw my account grow! I've really enjoyed being part of the nail art community - I feel very fortunate to have got to know (and meet in real life) some really lovely nail friends and small businesses over the last couple of years.


My nail art journey started out with simple freehand but I then discovered stamping which I became obsessed with very quickly. I wear soak off gel so it was a great base upon which I could perfect my technique as it took a fair bit of practice at the start. Moroccan (obviously!), geometric, lace, Aztec/tribal and henna designs are probably my favorites so you'll see them featured a lot on my page. I tend to lean towards fairly simple, wearable designs as it fits my style. Whilst I also love the look of other techniques like water marbling and reverse stamping, I find them more time consuming and sadly I don't get as much time to do my nails since I launched my own skincare business Apothaka, which focusses on nail/hand care and facial skincare. This is one of the reasons I've found layered stamping plates like these so useful in achieving more complex looking designs without the effort that reverse stamping requires. I feel like they offer a really quick but effective look, and I'm all about time-saving these days! I already had a couple of CJS layered plates and love using them, so when Debbie offered me the opportunity to design a plate in a theme I loved, I jumped at the chance! This plate takes inspiration from a trip I made to Seville in Spain in early 2017 - a beautiful city full of Moorish (North African Islamic) influence in its architecture. I hope you love the plate as much as I do!

 Plate Size 14.5 x 9.5 cm


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Moorish Motifs (Morocco and Spain) (CjS LC-26) - Clear Jelly Stamping Plate
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