My Creepy Valentine (CjSV-42) - Medium Clear Jelly Stamping Plate

Stamping Plate

The CjSV-42 "My Creepy Valentine" steel nail art layered stamping plate is an enigmatic and daring tribute to Valentine's Day with a haunting twist. This plate embraces blending elements of love and darkness seamlessly. Featuring intricate designs including symbolic handcuffs, skulls and bones, and love potion bottles, it encapsulates a rebellious take on romance. Amidst the imagery of hearts, there are rebellious sayings such as "feelings suck," "brainwashed," and "heart abduction," challenging the conventional notions of love. The plate also adorns detailed flowers, symbolizing both beauty and fragility, alongside a broken heart and a heart key, Additionally, it showcases a safety pin, an arrow, and lips with fangs, adding an edgy allure to the mix. This amalgamation of motifs invites nail art enthusiasts to explore the depth of emotions, duality of love, and the unconventional aspects of Valentine's Day with a bold and distinctive style.


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BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

8 x 8 cm 

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My Creepy Valentine (CjSV-42) - Medium Clear Jelly Stamping Plate
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