Starter Kit for 30 Day Mani!

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Getting started doing Jess's 30 day manicure, which has become popular in the nail world and called a "structured manicure."

You can use this list to shop or get all the necessary items easily in this kit.   Add whatever colors you choose and you will be ready to make beautiful nails.

Includes (in order you should use them...):

Cuticle Pusher

Staleks NS 10-4 Cuticle Nipper 

6 x Zebra 100/180 Files

Gel Wipes

Prep & Wipe 4oz

#106 Flat Brush

Trinity Clear (7g will last an average of 5 manicures depending on thickness and length)

Luxio Top Gloss

Small But Mighty Lamp (optional)


Instructions (you can see this done LIVE on clients in real time at - check the live video section for the newest videos):

Push cuticles back.  Scrape any excess skin/cuticle from the nail plate. If you are skilled with an electric file, I recommend the Atwood 2S bit.  Clean any flying cuticle or hang nails that may get caught when filing.  Use your File to shape and prep the nail, being sure to use the round part of your file and etch, pushing up the cuticle and along the side walls on each nail to be sure its prepped completely.  You should see no shine on the nail.  

Cleanse the nail plate with a wipe and prep & wipe.  Be sure to only rub the nail plate with cleanser, don't wipe down the fingers, as this brings oil from the skin onto the nail.  

Prep your #106 brush by pushing it down into the Trinity and letting it fill with gel. This only needs to happen when the brush is new.  

Pick up a bead of trinity and place onto the nail, pushing and pillowing toward the cuticle.  Work from one side to the other, without going back and forth.  Try to do one area before moving on.  Dancing back and forth on the nail warms the gel, making it runnier, and will usually end up causing product to run into the cuticle.  Work from one side to the other, then touching the top of the pillow and holding your brush parallel to the nail, glide carefully down the entire nail like a thick gloss.  Do not press down!  Pressing onto the nail will cause ridges.  You want to float the gel down the nail in long strokes.  Remove any excess from the tip before putting in the lamp.  Flash cure 3 seconds.   Then do the next nail.

Do a final full cure of the entire hand before you apply color.  If you need to remove the tacky layer and finish file, do it at this time.  If you remove the tacky layer, remember you must file the entire surface of the nail for your color to adhere properly.  

Apply 2 coats of gel color curing between.

Apply coat of Top Gloss and cure.

Wipe with Prep & Wipe.  Then file the edges to sharpen the nail.  On square nails, use a sanding band to file under the the free edge to thin the nail and natural nail to help aid in the nail curling down.  If you skip this step, by the end of 30 days, some clients nails will get longer and pinch in causing separation on the corners if they wear their nails square. 




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