Walking in the Rain (CjS-321) - CJS Medium Stamping Plate

Stamping Plate

Introducing the delightful CjS-321 steel nail art layered stamping plate – a whimsical ode to the joys of walking in the autumn rain!

Step into a world of playful charm and embrace the spirit of fall with this enchanting plate. Picture this: a cozy, rainy day with leaves dancing in the wind, and couples strolling hand-in-hand under colorful umbrellas. As raindrops gently patter on the ground, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, warming your heart and soul.

With CjS-321, you can create nail art that captures the essence of this heartwarming season. Stamp on adorable rain boots, dainty scarves, and rain jackets that make you feel ready to conquer any stormy weather in style. Let the falling leaves dance across your nails, adding a touch of autumnal magic to your manicure.

This plate is your ticket to nail art adventures filled with whimsy and joy. Express your creativity with designs that celebrate the playful spirit of the season – perfect for those who embrace the beauty of rainy days and cherish the cozy moments it brings.

So, grab your favorite stamping polish and get ready to be inspired by the enchanting world of CjS-321. Let your imagination run wild as you paint the magic of fall on your fingertips, turning your nail art into a canvas of happiness, love, and the simple pleasures of a rainy autumn day.


Comes with our "Step by Step" guide!

BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

 8 x 8 cm 

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Walking in the Rain (CjS-321) - CJS Medium Stamping Plate
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