Will Haunt for a Good Holo - Reflective Gel Polish - Uber Chic 12ml

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Will Haunt For A Good Holo Gel Polish

Black and mysterious and full of HOLO! This gorgeous mix of large and small Holographic glitters will keep your Holo-ween mood going all year round. Designed to be thick like a suspended glitter gel - this gorgeous gel is opaque in 1-2 coats!

This is a self-leveling gel polish that is meant to be THICK. Think of it as a suspended glitter formula. It has a mix of small and larger holographic pieces and will apply much differently than a typical gel polish - it'll feel more like massaging the glitters into place vs painting them on. They may feel and look a little clumpy as you apply them but give them a few seconds to self-level out, massage any pieces you need to rearrange with the brush before curing, then when you’re happy: cure it for a stunningly beautiful look!

Quick Facts:
  • Cures under Regular UV/LED light at around 60 seconds (check your lamp for specific curing times)
  • First-day shine lasts up to 4 weeks when properly applied
  • Be sure to cap your tips for ultimate long-lasting wear
  • To soak-off: score the surface with file and wrap nail with acetone soaked cotton and foil
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      Will Haunt for a Good Holo - Reflective Gel Polish - Uber Chic 12ml
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