Top Gloss Effects - Akzentz Luxio, 15ml/0.5oz
Give any color a shimmer!  High shine top gloss and shimmer in 1 coat.  Most of Luxio colors are creams, these top gloss effects were designed to allow you 6 more variations of EVERY color you have! Award Winning Gel Polish! ...
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  • Copper
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
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Haute - Akzentz Luxio, 15ml/0.5oz
Haute is a couture designer inspired green that is bold and vibrant with maximum creamy coverage. Award Winning Gel Polish!  This incredible 100% pure colored gel is created by Akzentz amazing team of chemists to be completely solvent free, long lasting and...
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Set of 5 Long Hair Nail Art Liner Brushes
These cost effective liner brushes have a wooden handle, thin finish and can create nice fine lines by dragging across the nail.
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Pressed Chrome Palette - Empty (FREE when you buy 4 pressed chromes!)
FREE when you buy 4 pressed chromes!  If you choose 4 pressed powders and choose FREE - we will include this with your order.  If you choose FREE Choose your Chromes, fill your palette! Magnetic base makes it easy to arrange...
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