Flat Gel Brush #106
Preferred brush for top glosses as it has a flat belly and will glide over the nail nicely. Jessica Briarmoon uses this brush to apply a thin layer of classic gel over the nail for the 30 Day Manicure. It...
Typically called a "Sticky Primer."  Affixit is a non-acid based primer leaving a tacky surface to aid even the most troublesome nails. Apply a thin layer to the natural nail during a full set or fill. Let set 60 seconds,...
Zebra Straight File - Washable
Straight style file, excellent, amazing long lasting grit!   Available in 100/180 only.
from $0.95
Prep & Wipe - Akzentz
An lemon scented preparation intended for and should be used before nail enhancements. Cleans, dehydrates and prepares the natural nail for any application. A 2 in 1 product, used to cleanse and prep the nail prior to product application and...
from $10.25
Curved Files - White Washable
Curved files are the choice for top competitors!  Smooths around the cuticle, completely water resistant and won't shred.  Get rid of the black specs in your nails and use white files. These high quality files are washable (if legal in...
from $37.50
Straight Files - White Washable
Straight files that are completely water resistant and won't shred.  Get rid of the black specs in your nails and use white files. These high quality files are washable (if legal in your state) to get the most use out...
from $32.50
Akzentz Gel Wipes 200ct
Safe from large pieces of lint, the Akzentz wipes have maximum absorption allowing you to have a damp wipe to clean your brushes throughout your service.  Remove the tacky layer from your gel using these wipes without having to use...
Oval Gel Brush #108 - Akzentz Brush
Great for application of gel layers and sculpturing the nail. The curve is ideal for gel toe application as well. Bristles length: 8mm
Pro-Tab Nail Forms - Akzentz
Designed to eliminate forms from popping open. This shape is the easiest to apply for standard length nails. You can make the forms even thicker where it counts by flipping the round tab under the form. Includes 300 forms per...
Covered Oval Kolinsky #111
A natural bristle brush with a tapered oval shape. Provides firm but flexible control perfect for using around cuticles and the sides of nails. Cap included. Bristles length: 11mm
Square Gel Brush #107 - Akzentz
Jess uses this brush often in french manicures!   Excellent brush for wiping a smile line. Bristles length: 8mm
600/800 Mini Spongie Buffer 3.5"
Wonderful smooth buffer used to finish nails or prep for art. Use this buffer after removing the tacky surface from your color before you stamp! This will give your stamped design perfect lines before top coating. Also great if you...
from $1.20
Soak Off Solution - Akzentz
A lightly scented solution to remove Options gels from natural nails. This is specially formulated to work faster than pure acetone when removing Luxio and Options Colors from the natural nails. Available in: 120ml/4oz & 480ml/16oz
from $3.60
Oval Brush #5 - Akzentz Art and Gel Brush
An excellent general purpose gel brush. Bristles length: 8.5mm Width: 5.5mm
Nail & Cuticle Oil
An oil enriched with a blend of rich oils to heal, condition and soften cuticles. Contains Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Borage Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil & Vitamin E Oil to keep cuticles supple & nourished. SAVE!!!! Purchase the...
from $5.95
Cuticle Pusher - Right Handed Akzentz Brand
Metal pusher with the essential hook on the other end. Push cuticles and scrape nail free of dead skin and debris for proper nail prep
Medium Gel Art Liner Brush #2
A medium, fine brush for drawing detailed designs. Cap included. Bristles length: 9mm
3d Gel Art Powder
Lets you get in touch with your artistic side. Simply mix your choice of Options UV/LED Colour Gel and Gel Art Powder to create any 3D design you desire. Creates the perfect touch for any nail enhancement. Easily cured under...
Short Gel Art Liner Brush #1 - Akzentz
A very short, fine brush for making delicate designs. Cap included. Bristles length: 4.5mm
Mini Oval Art Brush #8
This is a short liner brush with very fine bristles measuring 0.5mm in length.
Sure Bond
from $10.45
Sure Bond
• Cleans, disinfects, dehydrates • Conditions the natural nail.• Contains a bonding agent. • Very gentle on the natural nail
from $10.45
Gel Cleanser - Akzentz
This lightly lemon scented Gel Cleaner is made to remove the dispersion film covering the nails before you file and at the end of the service (do not use right before applying gel, the additives in this product will cause...
from $7.30
Foil Soak Off Wrap - Akzentz
Remove Soak Off Gels comfortably and easily with this flexible foil wrap. Convenient, hygienic and easy to use. Akzentz high quality foil wraps with a built in folded edge keeps Soak Off remover product comfortably in place and reduce product...
Alcohol - 480ml / 16oz
99% Isopropyl Alcohol 480ml / 16oz
Long Gel Art Liner Brush #3
A long, fine brush for drawing lines. Cap included. Bristles length: 15mm
Oval Brush #4 - Akzentz Art Brush
A smaller round brush with just the right amount of bristles to control and support both art or general nail gel use. Bristles length: 8mm Width: 4mm
Mini Flat Art Brush #7
Short Flat brush with very fine bristles measuring 0.5mm in length.
Spatula - Double Sided
Two sided stainless spatula. With a thin blade and a wider blade than the original spatula, this new spatula allows you to scoop out glitter from pots for custom mixing. Fantastic for making custom blended gels (like a LuvNailz favorite;...
Small But Mighty LED Lamp - Akzentz
This NEW 4 finger lamp is designed to be small and compact while still giving both wavelengths to cure LED and UV gels. Experience the convenience of a rapid LED cure, at a budget friendly price point. A small foot-print design,...
Covered Edge Kolinsky #112
A natural bristle brush with an angled wedge shape. Excellent for making French style edges and smile lines. Cap included. Bristles length: 7mm
Natural Nail Strengthener
Readers Choice Award Winner! A cream conditioner to strengthen natural nails.  Excellent to rub into natural nails after product removal if they want to go natural.  Even better: retail this item to your clients who are removing their nails or...
Gel Art Brush Set of 6 by Akzentz
Receive 6 Gel Art brushes and caps. Includes #1, 2 and 3 liner brushes. Oval Brushes #4 and #5  3D Gel Art Brush #6. Save $11.75 by buying all 6!
Small Flat Kolinsky Brush #4 - Akzentz
A natural bristle brush with a small and flat shape. The soft bristles and small brush head provide more control. Bristles length: 9mm
Spatula - Single Sided
Akzentz original spatula allows you to scrape the bottom of any jar to get an even blend of color and glitters. Fantastic for making custom blended gels (like a LuvNailz favorite; Competition White + Builder French White). Use for grabbing...
3d Kolinsky Gel Art Brush #6
A natural bristle brush, intended for use with our 3D Gel Art Powder. Cap Included Bristles length: 10mm Tapered from 5mm.
Zippered Brush Case - Akzentz
Amazing new brush case that will fold over so you can easily access your brushes and zippers closed for travel.  Holds tons of brushes! Protect your Akzentz Gel Brushes with the New Akzentz Gel Brush Case. This case is designed...
7 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set + Case
This amazing high quality manicure and pedicure implement set has all the tools you need as a professional nail technician in a cleanable case. All the tools are included in this set and are made from high quality durable materials....
Apron - Akzentz
Adjustable apron with Akzentz Logo
Primer Pen
Primer in a pen for convenience.  Great for beginners so you won't flood the cuticle.  This is an acid primer.  Keep off skin.
Art Palette
Gel Play paints aren't runny, so you can store a bit of them in this palette for quick and easy access to getting you nail art going! The Akzentz Art Palette features 42 individual wells for easy and precise access...
12 Curved Swatch Sticks
Akzentz Swatch Sticks.  Fit on Ring sold separately.
Color Wheel Swatch - 20 Blank Tips
Akzentz color wheels are the best way for clients to choose their product. What makes them different? There is no extra tabs of plastic between the wheel and the tip - other color wheels with the extra plastic get stuck...
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